OCLC Introduces “A Web Presence for Small Libraries” | Disruptive Library Technology Jester.

I feel that this, although not a great solution to the problem of the digital divide, is an excellent, cost effective step, in the right direction. I’m glad to see OCLC, a large entity, provide a service that is needed, to a plethora of libraries.  With the pricing structure that is offered, it is apparent that the main goal of this product is not to make money, but to offer what has become, an essential service to all libraries regardless of economic status.

The only issue I see with this, as is the foundation of most issues with regards to solving the digital divide, is that the people who would access this sort of service over the Internet, often don’t actually have Internet service at their place of residence, or they actually go to the library for Internet service.  I live in a developed city, however when I did travel to remote areas (The Adirondack national park), many of the residents took summer time bike rides to the library to check their email once a week.